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SoftExpert Calibration

SoftExpert Calibration provides the complete software for calibration management. The solution helps to organize, control and increase the efficiency of calibration programs through a simple and intuitive web interface.

By providing quick access to the full history of each instrument, SoftExpert’s calibration control software simplifies activities such as planning, programming, execution, analysis and management of calibrations and measurements, equipment and device testing. The solution centralizes all instrument information, increasing team productivity and giving technicians easy access to documentation such as the user’s manual, warranty control, technical specifications, data sheets, activity history, reference standards, operating procedures, and calibration certificates.

SoftExpert Calibration simplifies compliance efforts, helping meet the requisites established in international standards and regulations such as ISO 9000, ISO 17025, IATF 16949, ISO GUM, VIM – International Vocabulary of Metrology, electronic record keeping, and best manufacturing practices, ensuring that the laboratory is prepared for audits.



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Resource control



  • Automate scheduling of calibrations, maintenance and repairs.
  • Support automatic and real-time data acquisition through serial ports, eliminating manual data entry.
  • Support Type A and Type B measurement uncertainties.
  • Recall management controls with fixed time intervals, real-time usage, maintenance, and repair.
  • Choose calibration/maintenance based on frequency or usage.
  • Automate calibration procedures.
  • Maintain and retrieve master equipment, calibration history and measurement data records.
  • Store all calibration information safely and efficiently.
  • Traceability to in-house equipment calibration and Reference (or National) Standards.
  • Secure access control for individual users with password protection.
  • Automatically flag equipment found to be out of calibration, in use, or out for maintenance or repair.
  • Maintain a secure audit trail and standards traceability.
  • Conduct independent equipment R&R studies.
  • Control activity execution using our customizable Kanban system portal.

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